Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Why? Most likely because I'm an idiot...

So, this evening after work,  I walked in the front door of our house to be greeted by the smell of a tasty and satisfying dinner ready to placed on the table.  So ready in fact, that my wife was plating it up before I even had my shoes off. 

When my wife cooks dinner during the week, we usually eat in the 5:30-6:00 range, giving me 15-45 minutes to 'decompress' after coming home...kick of my shoes, and visit important websites before dinner.  Sometimes, I'll even get a hug from my girls too. 

When faced with a hot and filling meal waiting for me, how did I respond?  By flipping my wife a load of poop about how 'now I don't have time to kick back for a minute before dinner.'  I was trying to be at least half-funny, but that funny part missed the target, the woman who had been in the kitchen for half-an-hour, by a country mile.

Did I mention that tonight is the evening before my 11-year Wedding Anniversary?  To a woman I have repeatedly called the Most Amazing Woman in the World?  And I had the gall to flip her even minor amounts of crap for having dinner WAITING for me when I get home? 

I could blame it on the 2 hours I spent in a dentists chair this morning, or the 5 hours I spent in my chair at work after the dentist appointment, but those are lame excuses to deflect from the truth...

Sometimes, I can be an idiot. 

Anyway...luckily, the damage was minor...no knock-down-drag-out fight, just a few minutes discussing the hurt which I had levied upon her...and nothing I didn't deserve. 

Something to work on before our 12th Anniversary, I guess.


  1. email me if you want a link that could take your marriage from good to off-the-charts. Clearly you have something special. Keep it alive.

  2. You are lucky she didn't tell you that you can have all the time you want to compress tonight on the couch! I'd probably have done that, right after heaving a plate of food at you. (Erik eats when he's fed. He's a good boy. ;-))