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Well....that one won't bother anyone again...

Violent home intruder shot and killed in North Bend

At first glance, this shoot looks about as kosher as they come.  The police were already in the area, looking for someone prowling around.  The resident called in the break-in, and retreated to a different room not just once, but twice.  When the time came to shoot, he shot. 

Game over.

What really blows my mind over this story, and actually fires me up a bit is this:

As deputies set up a perimeter around the home, they heard loud noises coming from inside. Deputies then received a second 911 call from the homeowner saying that he had shot the intruder.
So....the resident reported the break-in to 911.  Deputies could here noises coming from inside the house...and they set up a perimeter. 

What if this resident DIDN'T? have a gun?  Would they have kept that perimeter safe while this guy beat the resident and his girlfriend to death with the propane tank he used to break the back window? 

Just another example of being ready to protect yourself.  I appreciate that law enforcement will do everything it can to solve the crime after it happens...but can't/won't be WITH you 100% of the time to protect you.

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  1. You are looking for a perfect world, in a way. Where the cops really can, and legally are allowed, to do all that is necessary to keep us safe. Between courts, bureaucracy, rights of all, and self-interests, no police force can do much more than what it does. Thankfully, so far, we still can. And more Americans are arming up, to good ends if this story is any indication.

    Keep it safe, keep it secret! Then *kablowy* when needed! :) Oh, I haven't found the beer cooked corned beef bit, I'll keep looking. Someone sent me here for that.