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Just call it what it is....

Unfortunately proving that bad things do indeed happen in three's, here in Washington we have had another case of someone leaving a gun horribly accessible, and having a horrible outcome.

3-Year old accidentally shoots, kills himself at Tacoma gas station. 

I'm not sure I believe this initial story...that a three year old can get out his car seat?  I believe that.  That a three year old can get out of his car seat, crawl into the front seat, and get the loaded gun out from under the front seat while a conscious adult is adjacent to the car pumping gas?  Seems harder to believe.

IF this is the true scenario, then...well...I'm sick of hearing let's call it what it is...MURDER.  By leaving a loaded handgun under the front seat of this car, this unnamed boyfriend MURDERED this three year old. 

I'm curious WHY he left the handgun in the car in the first place.  The article says that he had his concealed carry permit...why not just keep the gun on you while you are pumping the gas?

I don't want to see a law passed requiring mandatory storage requirements/trigger locks...but when stupid f*#($ing idiots like this, do things like this...I can kind of understand why some people are pushing for that.

Stop beating around the bush with punishment for people who do this.  The mom and boyfriend in Bremerton who let the 9-year old boy bring a gun to school, which resulted in 5 surgeries and now no small intestine for an 8-year old girl SHOULDN'T be charged with 3rd-degree Assault...it's Attempted Murder. 



  1. You can't legistrate stupidity, any more than you can legistrate evil.

  2. Oh, I know you can't ma'am...but stories like this depress the heck out of me, because they ARE going to try to legislate it. I'm fine with strengthening the words to basically say 'if a kid under the age of X(10-12) get their hands on your gun, and do harm with it...it's your fault.

    What I don't want to see is a specific form of storage specified. Because, I am not perfect..I occasionally get lazy after coming home from the range, and everything does't end up locked up every time...but I have also trained my kids. And before other kids come over to play, I do lock things up.

    I'm just sad because of the loss...and because I know how stories like this make gun owners look to those 'folks on the fence.'