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Sometimes, we need a reminder.

I've been grumbly the past few days about what a pain in the ass it is to move.  Even with us throwing some cash at the problem, and bringing 'Help-U-Move' in to handle the big stuff, it's still a pain.  We have used this company twice in the last year, both times to help handle anything big enough that my wife and I would, you know...actually have to cooperate on carrying.  This is good on both the back, and the continued marital bliss.  Their workers are very fast, and very professional.  Their office seems to have scheduling issues though.  Last year, they called the day before asked if they could do a morning move instead of a PM move(we said yes). This year, they called me the day before, and asked if they could do the move Wednesday afternoon(as in 3 hours from the time he called) instead of Thursday morning.  We had to say know.

Yesterday, after finishing the third trip of the day for 'random crap', my older daughter pointed out a spot of color in our new yard. 

Oleg Volk, I ain't.
We have some crocuses(croci?) growing in a ring around the birch tree in the yard.  How sweet.  I had to have walked past that tree 113 times in the last two days, and I hadn't noticed those flowers at all.

It was a good reminder that my wife and I are putting ourselves through this moving torture for a reason.  I know we aren't buying this house, but renting here for the next two + years is SOOOO much better than being in the apartment already.  The girls are digging having their own rooms again, and we have a family room...and we have flowers. 

We need to turn the keys in for the apartment by Thursday, and realistically we only have 2, maybe even 1, run of stuff to still pick up.  My wife has already cleaned the upstairs bathroom and bedroom, so, we are on the homestretch.

Just in time to go to work tomorrow!

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  1. they may have just bloomed. I've been watching ours, and two days ago they were just green shoots with MAYBE the barest hint of color on the ends. Yesterday they looked about like yours, it was that quick.