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That's unexpected...

As I pulled into the driveway after work yesterday, I noticed I had some visitors...a covey of about 7 quail picking around in our front yard.  They weren't spooked by me driving, or pulling into the drive way, but the act of opening my door so the 2MP, non zooming, non focusing camera on my phone could get a good picture proved to be the last straw for them.  They took off and took roost in a couple of 45-foot fir trees across the street.

I'll have to keep an eye out for them...something about the way a momma quail and and her chicks run around always makes me smile.  Maybe I can get a good shot at them...you know, with my real camera. I would never think of using my 1200FPS Gamo on a quail. 

Out of Season.  In the front yard. 

But when I'm watching Doomsday Preppers tonight, it's nice to know I can supplement the squirrel in my diet with some fowl...

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  1. There's a herd of deer a few minutes from my home like that; you can drive right up to them and take pictures through the window, but if your car door moves at all they are gone.