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It must mean something...right?

Over the past three weeks, with our impending caucuses, Washington State, and the Tri-cities area in particular, have been a target of the Republican Party.  Usually by this point, conventional wisdom says that Primary Season is just about over...but since I'm not running this year, there is no clear cut front runner(and even if there was, you couldn't call him a 'favorite'.)

Last night, Rick Santorum hit the Red Lion in Pasco, and spoke to a reported crowd of 700 people at the Red Lion in Pasco last night.

The week before, Newt Gingrich appeared at the Red Lion in Kennewick, and spoke to a group of about 500 folks.

The week before that, Ron Paul(completing the first round of the Tr-Cities Red Lion Trifecta) spoke to an estimated 1500 people at the Richland Red Lion, including yours truly

So...three of the Republican Presidential Candidates visited the Tri-Cities...and Ron Paul's crowd was bigger than that of Gingrich and Santorum combined.  Is there anything we can take away from that?

Well, yeah...it kind of confirms what has been known all along...Ron Paul might(heck no might about it) not have the overall number of supporters needed to be the next President of the United States...but his core of supporters contains more people that actually BELIEVE in his answers.

Lets face it...there isn't a whole lot exciting about standing at the Red Lion for two hours waiting for Ron Paul to show up...and that crowd was pretty hopping the whole time.  There was a lot of emotion, and a wide cross section of folks that were plain Fed Up.

Now, in the 'lets be realistic' disclaimer category, Dr. Paul had a few things in his favor...he was the only one of the three to speak during the day, on a scheduled Hanford Friday off, which meant more folks with free time.  It was also an early school release date for the High Schools, and there were a few students there just to check it out....so, there might have been some artificial inflation of his numbers.

What I really take away from all this is that hopefully I won't the only crazy one backing Ron Paul at the caucuses tomorrow....

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