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Stupid Wind

Today my wife and I had what I would have refereed to in my Navy days as a 'target of opportunity'.  Late in the week, one of our friends called my wife, with an idea.  She and her husband were going out of town for the weekend, and leaving their 17-year old son behind.  If we wanted him to, he was available to do a little baby sitting on Saturday afternoon, which was good for us...and it also ensured that their son would see the light of day, and actually have to act human for a few hours while they were out of town, which was good for them.

He's a good kid, but let's face it...in this day and age, if a 17-year old is left home alone, he's either going to throw a party, or camp out in front of the computer for 72 hours.  This kid isn't the partying type, so we took it upon ourselves to make the ultimate sacrifice so he would have some forced human interaction for at least a few hours.

Our original plan called us to go have a quick bite to eat, and then swing by the gun range.  It's been the better part of a year since I've had my wife out shooting, and I NEED to get her out again...but, the weather was out to get us...today was a sunny day, but the afternoon was quite breezy...a very steady 25-30 MPH wind.  Enough of a breeze that I felt my wife wouldn't enjoy herself...and it's just as important to me that she enjoys herself, as it is when I take my daughter shooting.  I want her to enjoy shooting as much as I do,  Right now, she can point a gun and pull the trigger without hurting herself...but I hope that someday, she'll become a 'shooter'.

Anyway...too windy, today wasn't that day. 

The consolation prize was okay though.  I still got to take my amazing wife to lunch.  We checked out a new restaurant today...a local chain called Bob Burgers and Brew, recently opened a new location in Richland.  It was pretty okay...I had a tasty burger they call the Jalapeno Popper, and it was good, once I picked off about half the Jalapeno's.  My wife had the fish and chips(yeah, fish and chips at burger place), and that was a smart decision.  Best fried cod I have had since moving to the Tri-Cities, which isn't saying much...I'm distrustful of fish in the desert. 

After lunch, we hit a few wineries for some well...wine.  Tagaris and Barnard-Griffin, both of which we have been at before, but it really never gets old...especially with my best girl by my side.  Truth be told, it was probably a much more romantic day than we would have shooting.  It's hard to hold hands and gaze into each others eyes at the gun range.

Shooting would have been cheaper though...I still haven't figured out how to go to a wine tasting without buying a few guilty bottles of wine...

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