Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


I'm there.

Less than two minutes of 'leaked' test footage is all it has taken to finally break free one of the most highly anticipated(to me at least) comic book movies of recent memory. 

A lot of folks had high hopes when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would be playing Wade Wilson(Deadpool) in 2009's Wolverine: Origins. 

To call the reality a letdown is kind of an understatement.

THAT is not Deadpool.

This?  This is Deadpool.

There is a lot of debate about just how much of a leak this release of the test footage was.  A 'Deadpool' movie staring Ryan Reynolds has been floating around Hollywood for nearly a decade...and if this footage was released as an intentional accident to gauge interest in the project, it was a rousing success. I'm not sure a 'Deadpool' movie will quite the impact of a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' flick, but if they are able to make it for $40-50 Million, it will make it's money back. 

Anyway...for now, Deadpool has been given a February 2016 release date.  Might be a good Valentines Day date!


Why else would you go?

I haven't eaten a lot of Olive Garden the last few years.  It's not because I don't like it...if you want overly creamy, high calorie 'Italian Food', Olive Garden is consistently tasty.  It's not even because I have come over all kinds of healthy.  Nope...the real reason is that we only have one Olive Garden in the Tri-Cities(a community of over 250,000)....and the one we do have is a zoo from open to close. 

Seeing how packed our local one is, it's tough for me to believe that on a national level, Olive Garden is in increasingly deep financial doo-doo.(It's easier for me to believe that sister restaurant Red Lobster is in trouble).  But, the paper has been full of articles saying just that...and now there was one today about how a Hedge Fund company that wants to take over Olive Garden produced a THREE HUNDRED page report about everything that was wrong with Olive Garden(and how the can fix it if they are given a chance).

One of the main things...Olive Garden is giving out too many breadsticks.

HELLO!!!!!!!  As adequate as their pasta and soup is...their fresh, warm bread sticks are the best things that end up on the table.  If I didn't have access to 7 or 8 of them to sop up the pint of garlicky alfredo sauce that get's dumped on my fettuccini, I wouldn't bother to go. 

Maybe it's time to go stand in line for 45 minutes, to help prop up their bottom line. 


Get on board!

I'm not the judgmental type, but, if you aren't serving your chili over cornbread waffles, you are missing out.

It's nothing fancy...I just whip up a box of Jiffy Cornbread mix and instead of baking it as muffins or a square, you make a few batches of waffles.  I suppose if you were the motivated type, you could make a cornbread batter from scratch...but just think of all the people you are keeping employed by buying Jiffy!


Guess I should have cut my nails.

Took a quick trip to the gun range with my daughter this morning.  I had recently bought some new ammo(Hornady's Custom Lite .243) that I wanted to try my daughter with...and the results are pleasing.  Whether it is the actual lighter recoil, the psychological results of an advertised lighter recoil, OR the lighter, easier to stabilize bullets out of her 'youth' sized barrel...her accuracy was noticeably better today.  Heck she put three shots on target that could be called a group! 

She also got some more practice time with the shooting sticks I am borrowing for her. 

Because I wanted to get home and watch some football, I only brought two guns to distract myself while we gave the .243's barrel time to cool...my Taurus Snubbie in .32 H&R Magnum, and my Marlin lever-action .357.  Without a doubt, my lever-action is my favorite gun in my collection...but nothing is perfect, and I have a love-hate relationship with that loading gate...

Gosh, I am such a wimp.


But you can't eat pretty.

I'm 40% certain this is a repeat of a post I did a few months ago, because I find myself in a repeat situation from a few months ago, but I lack the motivation to look it up, so bear with me.

Pretty right?  Nice red flowers?  From that standpoint, I have been very pleased with the Scarlett Emperor Runner Beans I planted.  I picked them for two reasons, ornamental and practical.  I really couldn't be more pleased with them as an ornamental.  This is the 2nd time they have bloomed this year, and they are certainly nicer to look at then a chain link fence or the neighbors back yard.

It just...they ARE supposed to grow an edible bean pod too!  And while they are blooming at peak right now, this 2nd round of flowering has been going on for a week or two...and so far, it looks like I am not going to get any beans.  Heck...even a 50% setting rate would overwhelm us with beans...but I am looking at NO beans. 

Now...one thing I KNOW I did wrong was not 'pinching' the plants off...I just let the grow, and grow and grow...which is why they are all mounded over like that at the top.  I figured they would stop growing like normal plants, but...eh.  So...I am not sure that's what IS wrong, but it's one cause.

The other is my dirt...it's poopy-ka-ka, and I didn't do much to amend it before rushing to put in these beans.  I intend to fix that over this winter...do some research into what beans want out of soil.  Then I need to decide if I want to go with normal beans with white flowers next year, or if I give these runner beans and their red flowers one more chance with better soil next year. 


The perfect mistake

So...I had a plan.  I had two goals, and a plan to accomplish both goals.

Goal One: With the start of deer season two weeks away, I wanted to make one last scouting trip up to Umtanum Ridge.  Given some recent weather changes(lows down near 40!) I figured there was more chance of starting to see animals moving around then a few weeks ago.

Goal Two: I am trying to sell a gun I don't use much to someone that I work with.  The issue is he lives in Grandview, which is 45 minutes from my place, in the total opposite direction...so it's been tough for us to meet.  Working out at Hanford, it's not like I can just bring the gun to work and meet do the deal there...not a good career move.

With this being my first Friday off on our new schedule, the stars seemed aligned.  I would wake up early enough to make it Umtanum Ridge for the sunrise, and do some glassing and walking for a bit.  On the way home I would swing through Grandview, and meet my co-worker between 12-1.  Pencil it it...ready, break.

There I am...4:45 this morning, bombing along on I-82 west towards Yakima, when I get that 'You left the stove/oven' feeling, like I forgot something.  Finally, the feeling got strong enough that I pulled over to look through the truck.  Back pack?  Check.  Binoculars/Spotting Scope/GPS?  Check.  GAMO Whisper?  Yup, got that.  Spare clothes to change in to for visiting wineries/breweries on the way home?  Growler?  Check and Check.

The gun I am supposed to be selling?  Hmmmm...that might still be down in the gun safe still.

Grrrrr.  There were two things to do...forget about the gun for now, and call my scouting trip off early enough I can make it home in time to grab the gun, and then double back to Grandview to meet my buddy, OR turn right back around now to get the gun, setting me back an hour?

I made the 2nd choice.  The first way I would have added over two hours of driving to The Plan.  The 2nd choice meant I would miss the sunrise, but...okay.

But of course, things never take as long as you think they should, and by the time I got home and turned around, it was going to be almost 8 by the time I go back up to Umtanum Ridge.  Way past sunrise, and almost not leaving me enough time to get much hiking before I had to meet my buddy.

Instead...I made waffles.  And oh my, were they good.

As I am still looking to use up some rolled oats around the house, I tried this recipe from my hero, Alton Brown: Toasted Oat Waffles

Because it's an Alton Brown recipe, there are some things that appear to go above and beyond, like toasting your rolled oats before processing them into flour.  My wife took one bite and said that they were the best waffles she had ever had.  Very light, and savory and...yum. 

They will be made again. 


Oy vey.

So we started our new shift this week at work...4 ten's a week vice the 5 eights' we've been working most of the summer.  You wouldn't think two hours would make a difference...but it does...a huge difference. 

First of all...it's a LONG afternoon.  The old way we only had about 2.5 hours after lunch...now that whole two extra hours is added on to the afternoon.  Uggg.   But...the big difference is at home.  Instead of getting home and having a few hours to do...stuff...after work, I come right home either to dinner on the table(not complaining about that, trust me) or to helping get dinner on the table. 

The end result of that is that instead of being able to start something at 3:30, it's usually 6:30ish...and that's a big deal now that it is getting dark closer and closer to 7:30.  Not to mention a 9:15 bed time...

Oh well...when I get this Friday off, it will be worth it.

In other news, I was able to hit Sportman's Warehouse after work Monday, and pick up two boxes of Hornady's Custom Lite .243 load.  Looking forward to hitting the range with my daughter Saturday to see what kind of difference it makes.