Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Yes, Please. Like...Yesterday...times 2.

My geek cup runneth over today with good news this morning.

First, there is this:

Live-Action Robotech Will Be a Full Franchise at Sony.

Hoorah.  A live-action Robotech movie has been kicked around Hollywood for decades, but the rights to it have always been tied up between Harmony Gold and several Japanese Studios...but now things appear settled for Sony to grab the ball and run with it. This is going to be one of those ones where reviews don't matter...count of me being there opening day.

Then, also from www.io9.com, we have this drop dead sexy picture of Ryan Reynolds in his official Dead Pool costume.

I am very excited for this movie...mostly because I am the target audience. This movie is for my generation of comic book fan who got excited to see Ryan cast as Wade Wilson in the Wolverine: Origins movie, and then suicidally depressed with the way they treated the character. 

This is a sign that the wheel of karma will turn if you wait long enough and live a good life.


Sad head shake.

I don't get it.  It seems awfully early to judge, but the early evidence is pointing to the fact the co-pilot of a Germanwings flight deliberately crashed his plane into the French Alps earlier this week, killing all 150 people on board. 

Nobody is throwing the 'T' word around yet, so for right now, it's looking like a suicide run. 

I'm not a religious person, and I highly support 'right to die' policies.  Heck...I even support it if you aren't terminally ill.  If you decide you are tired of life, and are selfish enough that you don't care about what your absence will mean to your family and friends, and you want to suck start a 12ga, or lock yourself in the garage with a running car, or drink a bottle of whisky and eat a bottle of Valium...go for it.  Just lay down a tarp first so people don't have to clean up your mess.

But...how...HOW can things be so wrong in your life, and your mind, that you feel the need to take 150 people out with you?  That blows my mind.  Terrifying.  I almost hope that they do find some terrorism connection...at least then there would be some cause behind this(however fracked up that cause might be.)  Better still would have been the co-pilot stabbing himself in the steak knife before the plane took off....



Happy Birthday!

Because I need something I can put up quickly, and an excuse to post a picture of a hot red-head is always in order, it's time to wish a Happy Birthday to Alyson Hannigan, perhaps the best thing to ever come out of Washington D.C.

picture borrowed from www.stylebistro.com
Depending on your age, you would probably associate Alyson as either Band Camp Girl Michelle from the American Pie movies, Lily(from How I Met Your Mother), or Willow(from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

All three are in my temporal wheelhouse...but as much as I liked Lily, Willow is the role where she shows her chops. Going from meek 'willowy' best friend to the most powerful character on the show, Alyson did it all on Buffy.  It doesn't seem possible that she is turning 41 today, which actually makes her a year older than me, rather than the 5-8 years younger she looks.

Of course, on Buffy, she was able to easily pass as a high school student in both Buffy and American Pie when she was actually 24...good for her, and her husband of 11 years, who has played some great roles on Buffy, Angel, How I Met Your Mother, and Grimm.


If that is on...

Holy Moly, The Walking Dead just came on...what happened to the weekend?

Friday, my wife and kids had a field trip to go on, and the first day of Girl Scout cookies booth sales, so to keep busy, I started on a project I promised my wife a while ago.  We have a walkway that splits our front yard in half, and since moving in she has expressed a desire to be able to plant a strip of lavender along either side of that walkway...so I decided the time had come to clear the grass and start working on the strips.

Man...dirt is heavy.  Cutting up the old sod was not tough...finding something to do with it was the tough part.  In this case, I decided to try something useful with it, and moved it to some bare patches in the backyard.  Heck, if even 5% of it takes, that would be nice.

I was sore.

Saturday we had a LONG day of rehearsal/publicity for the production of Cats I am involved with.  We are at the point where we are doing the serious blending of the actors roles/stage movement with the ballet's stage movement.  It wouldn't do for me to accidentally take out 3 or 4 dancers.  I'm sure I would win the collision...it would be memorable though.

Sunday was a family day.  Took the kids to the park for a nice walk and play time, and then I took my wife out for lunch and a bit of wine tasting before hitting The Home Depot to look at border ideas for her lavender strips.  I was hoping I could convince that something light would work(like some pressure treated 1 X 8's, but...no joy.  She wants something heavy and made of cement/concrete. 

That can wait until next weekend. 


And it's not even close, really.

Trying to decide what to watch on Netflix, and I've got to tell you: Archer Season 5 > House of Cards Season 3.


A goal is a goal.

A while ago my wife and I were wine tasting with some friends, and they talked themselves into buying an expensive(expensive is a relative term I guess...say $40+) bottle of wine by saying that they would label it as a 'goal wine'...write a goal on the bottle and that way when you meet the goal, you get to drink the wine!

Sweet deal.  Since we had more than few bottles of wine at home that were too expensive just to drink because it's a Tuesday night. 

What kind of goals?

So yeah...made the last payment on my F-150....about 9 months early...so, not as good as it could be, but still good.

I'm not quite sure that Dave Ramsey would approve of setting aside a $40 bottle of wine for meeting all your financial goals...but I'm not Dave Ramsey. 


So weak.

So, it's 9:34 on St. Patrick's Day, and I'm just settling down to drink my first(and only) beer of the day.

Lame, Lame, Lame.  Tuesday night drinking holiday's during Cats rehearsals are lame.