Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Moving in.

Yesterday afternoon we went and did our walkthough and got the keys to the new house we are renting.  Things went smooth, and we already got about 20 boxes worth of stuff dropped off at the new place. 

I might have to give the property management company a call about one thing though...

The property has a decent sized back yard, and I walked around the outside with the manager, mostly with an eye to identifying exterior damage I didn't want to be held responsible for.  Later on, after unloading my truck, my wife and I did more thorough inspection of the back yard, mostly trying to decide where we might want to put the garden, and we noticed we had quite a 'land mine' problem.

The previous renter owned two dogs...and while she did a good job of keeping the area directly around the house maintained, the back half of the yard is a mess.  I stopped counting at 40 separate 'feces' occurrences that are going to need to be cleaned up before I can let the kids go roam in the back yard.  Plus, my understanding is that stuff doesn't make the best fertilizer for a garden.

I figure I will give them a call this morning and make a polite request for them to bring in some kind of a yard cleaning company...they can take it out of the previous owners security deposit for all I care, but it shouldn't have to be my problem right off the bat.

Lesson learned. 


  1. nope it doesn't make good fertilizer, unless the dogs were raw fed, but then, if they were raw fed you'd not have a landmine problem....

  2. Well, the property managment folks said they would take care of it, so that's nice of them.