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A different kind of Dad and Daughter Day.

A few weeks ago, I took my older daughter out for a range trip.  Since her behavior since moving into our new place had been exemplary, I also took her out to breakfast, making An Event out of the trip.  Upon returning home, I told my younger daughter that if she had a period of great behavior, we could make a similar event out of my next Friday off.

She did, and so this morning, we did.

At only 6-years old, my younger one is not yet ready to go to the gun range.  I'm not saying no 6-year old is ready to go shooting, but mine is not.  The combination of overall maturity, being small for her age, and JUST NOT LISTENING makes me think she is still a year or two away, which is fine.  I didn't bring her sister for the first time until she was 9. 

With the gun range out of the question, we headed out for breakfast, going to her favorite restaurant, Shari's.  She likes the smiley faced pancakes, although there was almost a minor revolt last year when Shari's started using raisin's for the smile instead of chocolate chips.

After that, we went and did something quite the opposite of the gun range...I took her for her first Mani/Pedi. 

I know, it's fine in this day and age for men to have these type of things done, but I voted to just be a spectator instead of actively participating. 

Although, I did get to act as a 6-year old to Vietnamese accent translator a few times. 

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