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Might be trying to arrest the wrong one...

Interesting story yesterday out of Puyallup, that kind of tries my patience as a parent:

Child safe after thief abandons mother’s car in Puyallup

So...to summarize.  Mom pulls into the day care parking lot, and hops out to drop one kid off inside.  Because it is raining, she decides to leave her 16-month old(whose not feeling well) in the car.  The car that she left running. 

The parking lot is being staked out by a car thief.  Obviously, this is a good location to steal cars...people are often in a hurry when they drop their kids off, meaning their cars are left in an easy to steal condition.  On this morning, one mom doesn't just leave the keys in her car...she leaves the car unlocked and running.

You can't ask for a much easier target as a car thief.

The car thief, after driving about 6 blocks, finally looks around the car.  What's that in the back seat?  Holy Crap!!!!  A baby!!!?!??!?!  Now I'm not just a car thief...I'm a kidnapper!!!!!!!

Not wanting to be a kidnapper, the guy pulls over, and jumps out of the car, making his escape. 

End of story. 

Now...obviously, I don't want to make it out like this guy is a hero...I mean, he did try to steal a car.  I have to say though, that as a parent...I'm much more offended by the idea that this lady left her child in a running vehicle, outside of her sight than I am by the idea that someone was stealing a car.

I'm not perfect...never claimed to be.  I have left my kids in the car before while running into the store to pay for gas.  However, I turned the truck off AND brought the keys with me.  Plus from inside the gas station, you can still see my truck.  Rationalization, sure...but I felt safe with what I was doing. 

What I'm trying to get at is that if the catch this guy and charge him for stealing a car...sure.  Try him.  I hope they don't try to throw the book at him because he stole a car that a parent decided to leave a child in. 

As for the mom...she should probably have a long talk with the police.  Even if charges aren't pressed against her for 'endangerment', she needs the fear of God thrown into her. 

Read more here: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2012/03/27/2457224/stolen-car-with-child-inside-found.html#storylink=cpy

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