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Just throwing this out there...

I think I'm following the wrong blogs.  Tam and Roberta are planning one of their Broad Ripple based Blogmeets.  Borepatch is advertising a Dallas Area Blogshoot, and Jay has his blogmeets, and then flies to exotic places like the Shot Show, and NRA Convention to meet and great.

I meanwhile, feel quite isolated in the Inland Pacific Northwest.

Once upon a time, I hosted a group of about 8 folks from The High Road at a BBQ/Group Shoot, and that was a blast..so I'm gonna go ahead and throw out there that I am more than willing to host a Pacific Northwest Blogmeet/greet/shoot for anyone is interested.

The Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility is a nice site for some shooting, and I know a few guys qualified RO that might be willing to open up more than just the basic range for a well behaved group.  We also have quite a few decent restaraunts in the area, and The Atomic Ale Brewpub could handle a good sized group. 

So anyway...just throwing it out there.  No real sence in talking the when until we know if there is actually any interest in being the who. 


  1. "I meanwhile, feel quite isolated in the Inland Pacific Northwest."

    We, People of the Corners are pretty much screwed. I think the closest Gun Blogger to Miami resides in Havana and I am NOT making that trip.

  2. There is the Gun Blogger Rendezvous every year in Reno. I live in Salt Lake, and it is the closest one to me, also. Had a great time last year.

  3. @Gunfree-
    Rob @ Sharp as a Marble lives in FLA, and I think it's Miami.