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Wow...they are getting their Wookie on in Indiana...

While talking about all the fun they got to have running around on their Girls Day Out, some of my favorite Hoosiers might have forgotten to mention getting this ball rolling:

Indiana Libertarians set to pick 'Survivor' star

Could there be any doubt that Tam, Brigid, and Roberta had something to do with this? 
I mean, Brigid even took a picture of him the other day(pictures borrowed shamelessly from Brigid and yahoo).

Alas...I'm not making fun of Indiana(especially not those three particular ladies from Indiana).  I'm certain that the Washington State Libertarian Party is going to also nominate someone goofy for Governor...I just need to hope that he was never on a reality show so it's not considered news worthy. 

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  1. If I were going to still be here in November, I'd vote for him. Indiana could use a guy like Rupert.