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If it's that important to you, PAY for it!!!!!

Picture, if you will, the horror of, GASP...not being able to use your cell phone in an emergency!!!!!! 

I mean, that would be sooooo 2001. 

Well...for some people, that horror is a reality.  There is a 25 mile stretch along State Highway 410 between the Crystal Mountain Sky Area and the hamlet of Greenwater with almost NO CELL PHONE COVERAGE.  If you had a problem on the way home after a day of skiing, you might have to wait in you car up to TWO HOURS!!!!!! until a State Trooper drove by that you could wave down! 


So yeah.  One day, Janet Scholl was driving home from skiing. A car bumped her, and her car ended up on the side of the road, where she had to wait two hours to wave down a state trooper.  Obviously, the problem is a lack of cell phone coverage, and not the fact that the guy driving the car that bumped her didn't stop to help.

Janet has made it her mission to see that cell phone coverage is provided to this area.  It's SOOOO important to her that she has been working on collecting signatures on a petition.  To date, she has collected 4,185 names of people that would like to see cell phone coverage in the area...with no one thinking it's a bad idea!  Like anybody would...
This is 2012...we are all spoiled and expect our modern conveniences anywhere at any time. 

Hey...it is a nice idea...even the local Fire Commissioner says it would make things safer.  It comes down to money...no cell phone company thinks that they will make money off it, so no one wants to put out the $500,000-$800,000 it would cost to put it in.  And I don't blame them...

But let's look at this petition...this cell phone tower is SOOOO important that folks are willing to sign a petition...why aren't THEY putting up money.  With just 4,185 folks supporting things so far, less than $200 each would have raised that $800,000.  Hell...if they got even half that amount of money, I'll bet at that point, SOME company would have put up the rest. 

Show that you are more invested in an idea than just doing what it takes to sign your name on a piece of paper.

Heck...when I win the Mega Millions tonight, I'll buy them a cell tower. 

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  1. How was I able to survive over fifty years without a cellphone?