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Moved, but not nearly done.

So, the movers showed up today, and took care of the big stuff: Couch, dresser, hutches, beds, tables, chairs, and the elliptical.  Basically, anything I couldn't carry alone, they took care of.  That still leaves a lot of miscellaneous stuff, and things we didn't want them to handle, for us to move.

Luckily, I was actually on the ball, and called the cable company LAST week, so the cable guy showed up at the new house about 3 hours after the movers were done, so we were actually only without the Internet machine for <24 hours. 

Things are fitting well in the new place, and I don't have much argument with where my wife has decided to initially locate things.  The tough part is going to be taking a serious turn on unpacking.  We have stuck a lot of stuff in the garage...I don't want to still be unpacking in 3 months. 

Which means it is time to wrap this up.  The only real new negative discovery, other than dog poop in the backyard, was poop in the garage.  There is some nice shelving installed on one of the walls, and when we went to go start placing boxes on it, I noticed little black specks, looking strangely like mouse droppings. 

I'm thinking about just putting a space heater in the garage and letting the corn snake loose in there...that's a good way to make friends with the new neighbors. 


  1. hah, when I moved to NY state I was working 60 - 70 hrs a week for the first year, and as a result if I didn't NEED it then it never got unpacked. 6 years later we moved out of that apartment, and damn if there weren't a TON of boxes in teh spare bedroom that I'd packed when I moved here and never unpacked. The clothes didn't fit, I'd replaced 90% of the rest. Sigh. The local Goodwill liked me the week I was cleaning out the spare bedroom for moving.

  2. Well, this is the third move in 18 months, so we have actually thinned stuff down pretty well by this point. We just have a lot of 'stuff'...canned goods, dry goods, ammo, and OH MY GOSH, I'm not sure what you can call the addiction, but my wife is addicted to homeschooling curriculums. I think we have more stuff for home schooling than my 6th grade teacher had for a class of 28 students.

    Looking forward to being settled. Our goal in selecting this place was someplace we could be happy in for at least two years(3 or 4 would be okay).