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I think it was supposed to be a compliment...

This evening for dinner, my wife had admitted to having a craving for shrimp scampi.  Since I had plenty of free time(I didn't have to participate in the caucus today) I decided to make it from scratch. 

Scampi is really pretty easy to throw together...get some butter and olive oil and shrimp going in a BIG skillet.  Add some garlic, and peppers, and tomatoes, and then some lemon juice and a little wine(Desert Wind Semillon(got it on clearance)) before throwing in some angel hair pasta...and it's done.  I was soooooo worried about overdoing the garlic I actually wimped out on it a bit...but it was good.

My older daughter likes shrimp, and she was trying to describe the texture as a little bit soft, and a little bit chewy. 

 'Daddy...I like the shrimp.   It's like a meaty, fishy gummy bear.' 

Now that's something you can't find in every grocery store...

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  1. I could go for some meaty, fishy gummy bears myself right now.