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And you kids stay off the lawn!

After my earlier rant at the difficulty of finding RC Cola, I had another grocery store related disappointment today.

One Thursday a night, my wife heads out to a friends house for a 'Stitch and Bitch'.  On that night, historically Daddy takes the girls out for dinner, but this evening, both girls actually voted to stay in, with one wanting Ramen Noodle Soup, and the other requesting Grilled Cheese.

Fine...except that leaves nothing but Raisin Bran(or I suppose I could do something with one of the 68 cans of tuna we have) for daddy.  So...I swung into Safeway on the way home, determined to have something bad for me.  My goal: Steak-Umms

But I couldn't find them.  I looked around Safeway for Steak-Umms for 20 minutes, and couldn't find them.  I got SO desperate, I, a MAN, actually asked for help. 

No joy...it seems the Safeway nearest my house doesn't carry Steak-Umms...or at least the employee helping me didn't think so.  I looked with Frozen Meat, I looked with hot dogs, I looked with Pizza, I looked with all the other heat and serve meats...nothing.

Poor me.  I simply endeavoured to persevere, and bought some chuck that I brought home and sliced real thin before pan searing, and throwing on a roll with some cheese. 

It was okay..and probably no where near as bad for me as Steak-Umms would have been...but it's the principle, gosh darn it. 

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