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Disco Distraction/Disaster

I was flipping through the new additions to netflix yesterday and OMG they have added Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band!!!!!! 

I seem to remember really, really liking this movie as a kid.  I mean...it was up there with Xanadu(couldn't be as good as Xanadu, because it didn't have Olivia Newton-John at her prime).  Re watching it now, I can't help but wonder of the secret ingredient in my all my mom's cooking was acid, and if maybe they kept me stoned for 10 years. 

In reflection, there is 100% no doubt that the movie is crap...complete and utter crap.  The plot is made of WTF, and the acting is poopy-kaka. 

There is a slight golden lining...the songs belong to The Beatles, and some of them survive their adaptation okay.  I would hazard a guess that most folks today are more familiar with Aerosmith's(The Future Villan Band) version of 'Come Together' than The Beatles. 

Also, Sandy Farina, as Strawberry Fields, is a cutie, and knocks her two songs out of the park. 

The Bee Gee's and Frampton do okay...those Gibb's brothers could sing some harmony.  And Barry, with his feathered hair and rugged beard was quite tasty, according to my wife(it was just about the only positive thing she came up with from the movie)

I don't blame her.  Some of the movie is just plain bad.  Steve Martin must have been brought in an told 'Just pretend you are still on Saturday Night Live doing 'King Tut' when they had him do Maxwell's Silver Hammer.  Then there is the plot...

Anyway...what with the fast forward function on netflix, it's an entertaining 40 minutes or so...but I'm not sure ANYONE should sit through the whole thing.

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