Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


A new headboard!

As a guy, I really shouldn't be excited about something like a headboard for a bed, or how a bedroom is even decorated, but because my wife is The World's Most Amazing Woman, she finds a way to keep things fun and interesting in the bedroom.  Yes, go ahead and snicker.

Looks nice and homey, yes? I appreciate the fact that my wife has latched on to that color scheme...I like the browns and blues.  However, there is more to this 'headboard' than meets the eye...
Our 'headboard' is in fact a double stack of 5 gallon buckets!  One of the big problems with having the 'prepper' mindset while being stuck in an apartment is space.  Dry goods(and wet as we are finding with the wife's canning experiments) take up a lot of square footage.  God bless my wife for coming up with this idea.  I sleep better at night knowing that right beneath my head there is extra oatmeal, flour, sugar, rice and beans to help us through a dry spell...maybe not a years worth, but with what we have other places around the apartment, several month's worth. 


  1. Is there anything she can't do? That's really ingenious for stuff you don't have to get at every day.

  2. And you, a former submariner, didn't think of that before now? I still remember my ex grousing about sleeping on PopTarts one underway.

  3. No, Suz, there isn't much she can't do...although sometimes she skimps on the back rubs...