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More time to meditate on sea lions...

Over the weekend, I talked a bit about the mean old sea lions that are taking advantage of returning salmon as they try to make it back over the Bonneville Dam.  After a two year break, the Feds were going to start letting the authorities in Washington and Oregon remove the offending sea lions in a 'permenant manner'.  I wondered what you might do with a sea lion, and got recommendations ranging from an impressive full body mount(I've been close to a 700 pound bull sea lion...it would be an impressive mount), and a nice water-proof leather coat.

Well, thanks to the Humane Society, we've got a bit more time to debate what you do with a used sea lion.  They have launched another law suit, claiming that the 4.2% of salmon eaten by the sea lions is a small number compared to the 17% of salmon eaten by people.

As far as straight number go, they are right.  Two things to point out though...first, fishermen only get to keep hatchery fish, while the sea lions aren't looking for clipped fins as they chow down.


Maybe I'm just a little biased, because...well, I am a human(or at least a sub-human), but I'm offended by the idea that we should keep letting the sea lions eat salmon, while telling fishermen they have to cut back on their quotas. 

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