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The Goose and the Gander.

Yesterday, Jay had a story(which he referenced to Brad_in_MA) about some police officers in Connecticut who injured each other with a firearm in a training situation.

The point of Jay's post was that if you or I had injured a buddy during a 'firearms demonstration', we would be expecting SOME form of legal trouble, and he is right. 

A few weeks ago, there was a sad story out of Bremerton where a 9-year old boy 'found' a gun at his moms house.  He brought the gun to school, where it 'went off', critically injuring a class mate.  There was a lot of discussion about who to punish...the kid for bringing the gun to school, or the mom and boyfriend who left it accessible.

I was all for getting the kid some help, but saving the real punishment for the mom/boyfriend, and that is what has happened.  Hooray for the system.

Now, we have a new case to test Jay's theory. 

Sibling injures girl, 7, in accidental shooting in Stanwood

So, the siblings are children of a Marysville police officer.  They were left in the car alone, with a gun.  One of the children gets his/her(the story is vague) hands on the gun, and shoots the 7-year old sister.

This situation is DIRECTLY comparable to the Bremerton school shooting.  If the Kitsap County Prosecutors office got it right, I hope the Snohomish County Prosecutors do too. 

They are being presented with a perfect opportunity to show that with gun crimes, enforcing the existing laws is more important than establishing new mandatory 'trigger lock' laws, from which I'm sure police officers would be exempt anyways...

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