Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Yes, I know the odds!

I buy lotto tickets each week no matter what the jackpot amount is...State Lottery, Power Ball, Mega Millions...with the occasional Scratch Ticket thrown in as funds allow.

I'd rather not know how much I spend on an annual basis...I'm sure I could roughly estimate it(I mean, 12-15 a week?).  I'm also not the type to go dump 20 on Mega Millions tickets just because the jackpot is huge Frickin' YUGE!   I figure if it is meant to happen, all it will take is one ticket.  I did spend a bit more than that on this Mega Millions, just because I had a few winners earlier in the week...I think I bought 8 total for this drawing.

Boy...it would be nice.  I could handle being a gentleman farmer...

Because I'm a sicko, I already have a few places picked out...

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