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The times, they have a changed...

Occasionally, you can get slapped in the face by the way things 'used to be.'  Last night, I had one of those moments as I was reading the kids their story at bed time.

The choice for the evening was Curious George...the original Curious George, written in 1941.  There is a page in the book where George and the Man in the Yellow Hat have returned home after a long day of traveling.  Attempting to show how a monkey would settle in after a day on the road, the book says:

George had a good meal, and then George had a good pipe, before having a good sleep.

And there is a picture of George sitting in wing back chair, puffing away on a relaxing post dinner pipe! 

Heck, guess I should be happy it's not a hookah. 

My kids didn't notice, and I wouldn't have noticed 10-15 years ago.  Heck, it's not like I'm offended.  I just can't begin to imagine how a scene like that would go over in a new children book today...but I'm not sure Dora the Explorer having a shot of tequila before tucking herself into bed at night would be well recieved. 

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