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Yup...that's why she won't get elected...

In 'I hadn't even heard the first part of the story before you're telling me it ain't so news', Representative Michelle Bachmann's campaign(for President....I know, blew me away too) are saying that her migraine headaches, previously labeled as 'incapacitating' won't impede her White House goals. 

To me, that's kind of like saying it isn't the falling that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end. 

I guess maybe I have had my head in the sand to not realize how popular Bachmann is with the Right masses right now.  I'm pretty solidly behind Dr. Ron Paul(yup, I am prepared to be disappointed) and when I look at Bachmann, I guess I Just Don't Get It. 

Looking at her what I really see is a somewhat attractive lady(which shouldn't matter, but does) who has no problem saying the occasional controversial thing just to get her name on the news, but really doesn't have anywhere close to the experience that I hope for in a Chief Executive.  It was one of the biggest strikes I had against Barry vs. McCain...no real experience yet on a big stage.  When I think of serious Presidential Candidates, I think Senators, Governor's, and Vice-Presidents...and maybe THAT is what Bachmann is thinking.

I can seriously see Bachmann getting her name and popularity out there now to build a big enough voter base, just to be seriously considered a Vice-Presidential candidate...maybe hitch her star to an older established Presidential Candidate, someone who is old enough that they might only be looking at 4-years, with the hope that she is right there as V.P. to jump in and take over in 2016....maybe even someone like....Ron Paul!  Brilliant!(and yes, I am aware that Dr. Paul is not a former VP, Senator or Governor...but he's RON PAUL.  He has all the right answers...that should be all it takes!  

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