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No, No, No...that's not the correct answer!

This is why I shouldn't hop on the internet first thing in the morning to find out what is going on in the world:

'Caylee's Law' petition drive: Do missing child laws need to change?

So...two and a half years ago in Florida, a bad, bad horrible thing happened to a two-year old girl in Florida.  

One of the few FACTS that were learned during the course of the investigation into the horrible thing that happened to this little girl was that her mom did not report to ANYONE that she missing for approximately a month.  If you feel that this points to some wrong-doing on the moms part, I agree with you.  But the Prosecution wasn't able to prove that wrong doing, and so the only thing the mom was found guilty of was lying to the police several times.  Since she has already spent over two years in jail waiting for her trial, she is basically going to be let go with time served.

Some people are not happy with this, and in addition to creating facebook groups that might as well be named 'Let's form a lynch mob and go grab Casey Anthony'  are now writing petitions to make it EVEN MORE illegal to do bad, bad horrible things to your children, and then hide it from the police. 

Look...a parent that LOVES their child is going to report it to the authorities as soon as they realize that child is missing.  A law requiring you to notify the police within 24 hours of noticing your child missing is unlikely to sway someone from doing a horrible thing to their child...'Hmmm....I wonder if I have time to feed Johnny into the wood-chipper and still call the police within 24-hours?'  

The other part of the proposed law is that parents will have to report the death of a child within 1 hour of discovery.  I just don't see how this one is going to be enforceable since I thought only medical personnel could determine legally if someone is dead or alive. 

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