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Oh, it's a sign alright...

This morning while flipping through the Parade Magazine everyone finds in their Sunday newspaper, I was given a SIGN.  The last page of the magazine had a recipe for Whoopie Pies, but there was no fooling me...my mom used to make these when I was a kid, and up in New England we called these Devil Dogs.  Whatever you call them, they are cookie shaped pieces of devils food cake with marshmallow creme in the middle. 

This is Exhibit A, borrowed from,  and full lawyer preventing credit given to, Parade's Website. 

THIS atrocity, currently sitting in my kitchen, is exhibit B:

Holy Mackerel...I haven't had a kitchen failure like that for a while. 

First, they stuck to my parchement paper, which never happens.  Then they didn't rise AT ALL.  I didn't forget the baking soda...having done a little postmortem and compared the recipe I used with some others I found in the internet after the fact, I think the problem was temperature.  This recipe called for 375, most others call for 350.  Add into that the fact that I am still getting used to this oven, and what I think happened is that the batter melted and spread before it started rising.

Bummer.  The only positive from this whole thing is that the taste is right. Like my dad used to say...if you think it looks bad today, wait until you see it tomorrow.


  1. Close your eyes and enjoy!

  2. They both look the same when they get to where they're going

  3. What Quizikle said!
    AND, your killin' me!

    Looks good!