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I need a nap!

Just got back from my outing in the woods.  I made it to Bethel Ridge, just west of Naches about half-an-hour before true sunrise, but well into morning twilight.  Or what should have been morning twilight if it wasn't kind of cloudy and spitting rain.  Who cares, it was still a beautiful morning..luckily I remembered a sweat shirt, because it was a crisp 45 up on the hill.

I walked out to one of my favorite areas, and just sat for about an hour.  I tried using the coyote calls on my MP3 player, but the little speakers which seem adequate inside, were pretty weak in the Great Outdoors.  That's okay...I'm not sure I would have shot a coyote anyway...I mean, just for a picture?  I wouldn't skin it, and I sure ain't gonna eat it...

When the rain picked up, I headed back to the truck, and did some cruising until it slacked off, then I did some more walking, up a blocked up logging road I had never been on.  I didn't see any big animals, but I did get close to one bull elk.  I could smell him...and at one point he let out a bugle that almost caused me to go wee wee in my pants...he was close, maybe a hundred, two hundred yards into some timber...and he didn't sound happy.  I had my .357 on my hip, but it was loaded with 125gr Golden Sabers, not something more manly like 180gr hard-casts...didn't matter...I really didn't want to have to pop a few at some horny/mad bull elk...it was easier just to listen to him for a but, then head the other direction.

On the way home, I stopped in Prosser at Airfield Estates Winery and Kestrel Winery.  Of course, I spent money...more than I should.  We now have a pretty decent supply of wine in the house...I can probably stop buying for a few weeks.

While stopping for a tasting at two wineries didn't come close to making me tipsy, combined with being up since 2:30AM it has made me awfully drowsy.  I came home and put away the wine, put away the guns, and forced myself to get going on some laundry and the dishes, trying to fight off the drowsiness, but it doesn't seem to be working.  I would rather go to bed early than lose two hours in the middle of the afternoon to a nap, but I think I am losing...the couch is looking awfully inviting...

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