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What a beautiful view...

The Columbia River Gorge is a place of great natural beauty.  If thick forested slopes are your style, the Western Part of the Gorge, at the base of Mt. Hood is right up your alley.  Cris-crossed by rivers and waterfalls, it's as pretty as any other place in the world.  Proof is provided by this picture of 620 foot Multnomah Falls. 

The Eastern part of the Gorge offers a much harsher, starker landscape, which has it's own sort of beauty. 

This is a view from Maryhill, looking east down the gorge.  

This is the hills above the Maryhill Art Museum.

Notice any similarities in these pictures? 

Stupid God-Forsaken Green Power Windmills....destroying some of the most beautiful landscape left in the world.  One Nuclear Power Plant could replace them all...and help keep me gainfully employed. 

Not a big fan of wind power...

I wonder why....

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