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Not something I usually ask...

Today, my mom(known locally as the World's Greatest Nana) is going to the doctors for a spot of surgery.

Due to some repeatable test results, her doctor recommended the removal of some of her internal girl parts. 

This is a surgery which is unfortunately common, but is still major enough to require at least one, and possibly two nights in the hospital.  It is low risk, but in this day of BRSA and MRSA, no trip to the hospital is totally risk free.  Her doctor told her to be prepared to miss up to two weeks of work until she is physically ready to be up and around again.  Later this week, SWMBO will be taking the kids to my mom's house for about a week to provide physical and moral support during her recovery. 

I'm not big on prayer...mostly I go to church to show my wife and her belief's the respect they deserve.  As such, I suppose I should feel hypocritical asking folks to pray for her, if they are the praying types.  If you aren't the praying types....I don't expect you to change for me, but thinking happy thoughts never hurts the situation.


  1. I'm not a 'traditionally-religious' type, but, I figure, why not? Whom does it hurt for such an exercise?
    SO, good thoughts and prayers to you and your mother's and family's way!

  2. +1
    Prayers and good thoughts.