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Marking October 11th on the calander...

While the wife watched Burlesque yesterday(maybe a review to follow...wasn't the worst movie that's ever played on my TV) I found an interesting distraction on the internet machine:

The first trailer to the newest take on The Three Musketeers.  I'm not sure...especially since this one looks like it sticks to the Dumas novel the way you know a movie that says 'Based on a true event' sticks to that event.

I have enjoyed the last few Musketeer Movie's...there was Young Gun Musketeer's with Charlie Sheen, Kiefer, the always hot Rebecca De Mornay, and the always entertaining Tim Curry as Richelieu.

Then a few years ago(it was actually TEN YEARS already?) there was The Musketeer, which was lacking in story and acting, but had some of the most entertainingly choreographed fight scenes I have ever seen, and a menacing Tim Roth in it.

Anyway, this new one looks sufficiently steam punky that when I showed my wife the trailer, she expressed interest.  The dirigible frigates remind me of an 18th century version of the dreadnaughts from Larry Corriea's newest book...

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