Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Leaving, on jet plane...

Just waved goodbye to SWMBO...she is heading for the airport in Pasco.  From Pasco, she will fly west to Seattle, then south-east to Dallas, and finally, north-east to Hartford.  Total time in the air is over 8 hours...and total travel time from our front door to her mom's front door will be about 13 hours...so, a good long day.  On Monday, she will get to do it all in reverse, except she is connecting in Chicago instead of Dallas. 

The purpose for all this 'Middle-Class Hating CEO' like whipping back and forth across our great nation is a wedding.  One of my wife's best friends is getting married, and she asked if she could go home for the wedding.  I graciously said yes, sacrificing a new CZ-75 to let her go.  Now, until Monday night, I am all alone with our children. 

I already made mistake number one with them.  Yesterday, my wife took some chicken out of the freezer, but it wasn't thawed in time for using at dinner, so I need to use it tonight.  In an effort to keep the girls involved, I asked them if they would rather have chicken terriyaki or chicken alfredo.   Of course, because they are sisters, I got one vote for each.  We may just have Cocoa Puffs instead...but the girls would probably be okay with that...

They are good kids, and it has the potential to be a fun weekend.  Early in the week, their behavior was not good, and it was looking like things might at the point discipline wise where they were going to spend this weekend sitting in their rooms, staring at the wall, but...things are better.  The hardest thing I should have to deal with this weekend is going to be doing their hair...and luckily enough they are both old enough now to be able to do the basic's themselves.  One of the toughest things about being a father has been dealing with little girls hair...

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