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It's not that I don't care...

Late Tuesday afternoon, there seemed to be a great outpouring of emotion on the internet machine.  One could not click around much(or at all on Facebook) without running into someone expressing their opinion that a great legal injustice had occurred in Florida, where a jury of her peers found that Casey Anthony was NOT guilty of the premeditated murder of her daughter, cute little two-year old Caylee.

Most of my memories of the story come from the time I spent in New York.  The cafeteria there had a TV which permanently tuned to Headline News, and Nancy Grace seemed to be talking about ‘poor little Caylee Anthony and her murdering harlot of a mother’ every night. 

I don’t like Nancy Grace…she makes my teeth grate…but, it seemed like she had a point in regards to Casey Anthony’s guilt.  The facts that were public did not paint a pretty picture.  Your two year old girl was missing for a month and you didn’t bother to tell anyone, and instead used that time period to party and participate in Hard Body contests at night clubs? 

There can be little doubt that something terribly wrong had taken place, and shame on the prosecutors in Florida for failing to get a murder conviction.   Much like in the OJ case that I have heard this compared to, the failure her is not The Legal System, but poorly executed prosecution. 

If that Jury had come out Tuesday afternoon and said ‘Guilty with the Death Penalty’ recommended, no one would be happier than me.  I YEARN to see the guilty punished.  I find it an affront that Nidal Malik Hasan(who is ACCUSED of the Fort Hood Shootings) and Jared Lee Loughner(ACCUSED of killing a 9-year old girl and Federal Judge among others in the Tucson shooting), are not already in the ground.  There are few people in the world who could say they were bigger fans of quick, painful justice than I am.

It’s not the way our legal system is designed to work though.  You are innocent until proven guilty by a Jury, not Nancy Grace.  It is considered more just to let a guilty person free, than send an innocent person to jail(or the electric chair).  As much as it frustrates me right now, I know that if I ever am arrested and charged with a crime, there is not another Justice System I would want to find myself in than ours. 

Bah.  Horrible things happen every day, and Nancy Grace doesn’t get worked up over it all. 

Back in 2005 in Bremerton, a young lady let her 18-month old daughter starve/freeze to death, because she just didn’t care.  She stopped feeding the baby, and then because the pile of diapers smelled so bad in the room she left the window open until the baby got a fever and died.  She then hid the baby in a trash bag in a closet under the stairs until her husband came back from being underway and happened to ask what happened to his daughter.

At the end of May, in Erie, Pa, the body of an emaciated 14-month old baby was found in an abandoned suit case.  The mother of the baby came forward and admitted that yeah, she had let the baby die.

So, not to defend the actions of Casey Anthony, but even if the picture that the prosecution painted is 100% the truth, that she taped her daughters mouth shut and then used chloroform to kill her, it’s almost a mercy killing compared to what some other parents you have never heard of have done to their kids.

It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t all burn though…

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  1. Well put, amigo. Innocent until proven guilty is and should be the basis of out judicial system. Now if we can just nominate more conservatives to offset the creeping liberalism, we'd be doing well.
    But that's just my take....