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Miracle Day

Last night was the season premier of the new season of Torchwood, on the Starz Network.  We were so excited about watching, that I actually called the cable company on Wednesday to change my cable subscription, you know...so I could actually get the Starz Network.

In assuring you pay proper attention to details, some details are more important than others.

It was worth the effort.

What a great show.  My own opinion(since it's the one that matters to me) is that it is about 14 times better than the show that spawned it, Dr. Who.

If you haven't watched the series so far...not a problem...jump on netflix and catch up.  I hadn't watched an episode of Torchwood until about a month ago, and I now rate it up there pretty with Firefly and X-Files as the best sci-fi series I have ever watched.  If you are not on netflix, that's fine...there is enough catching up during the season premier that you won't be lost, but you might be half a step behind until about half-way through the episode, and you will miss a few of the inside jokes.

John Barrowman is still an awesome character with Captain Jack.  Eve Myles has taken her dark welch hair a little reddish, and that is okay.  I still find her very kick-ass, and more than a little yummy.

As for new characters, Alexa Havins's plays a low level CIA agent who likes to wear indecently tight pencil skirts and stripper heels.  She is the main plot driver in the first episode, along Mekhi Phifer who plays a more senior CIA agent who is faced with the unusual problem of learning to cope with a hole in chest.  The hole was caused by a sharpened metal pole which went through his chest during a car wreck, but because of the title 'Miracle', no one can die.  It doesn't mean you can't get sick, or hurt, you just can't die.

Finally, there is Bill Pullman.  He plays Oswald Danes, a child murdering pedophile.  We know he's bad because they tell us his defense during the trial of a 12-year old girl he did bad things to was 'She didn't run fast enough.'  Even if they didn't tell us that, he has a squint, and a bit of a lisp.  He's naughty.  He doesn't seem remotely like the Hero President that gives such a rousing speech at the end of Independence Day. 

The State of Kentucky attempts to carry out his execution, but because no can die, he doesn't.  He is then let free, because his sentence was carried out...it's not his fault or the States that he didn't have the good grace to die. 

I am looking greatly forward to the rest of the series.  If you didn't get to see the preview last night, it's airing again tonight on Starz, and next week on BBC America.

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