Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


And we've made it...

I'm really finding myself enjoying the 8-9's schedule we work at Hanford...I'm getting used to having every-other Friday off.  This week, for example, Monday was a Holiday, and Friday was scheduled to be off, so we got have a three day weekend, work three days, and then have another three day weekend. 

That's A-okay.  Especially because tomorrow is going to be something of a date day with my wife.  The girls are going to Science Camp at the Washington State University Branch Campus in town from 8-4:30, so SWMBO and I are planning on running to the Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility so she can see how much fun the 10/22 is with the Red Dot scope, and then we will hit one or two of the local wineries for some tasting, and some lunch(and yes, we will stick to it in that order). 

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