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The Weekend!

With 4th of July Weekend looming, I realized that I really had no plans to do anything special with my family. 

I'm not a crowd person....not even one little bit. You put me in a crush of humanity, and I get very, very...pouty, unhappy....I'm not going to say unstable, but think 5-year old little boy, and you come close to how having to interact with large crowds makes me feel. 

I think it is one of the facets of my personality that clashes most with my wife.  A few times I have tried to overcome this...but it doesn't usually go good.  One of the times this comes out the worst is the 4th of July.  I HATE what is involved in trying to see most public fireworks displays...the traffic snarls, having to try to stake a claim to a piece of ground, defending that piece of ground, Oh, and then keeping the kids entertained until 9:30-10:00 when it's dark enough for the display.  Usually, because it is July, things are hot and sweaty....GRRRRRRRR!!!!!  HULK SMASH!!!!

Two years ago I tried...we went to the town of Poulsbo for their display on the 3rd...I felt I owed to SWMBO and the kids.  To get a decent parking(and decent meant a quarter mile walk still) spot, we had to be there by 6.  Then we had to claim our piece of land in Poulsbo's waterfront park.  Then we had 4 hours to keep the kids occupied.  And then, at the last minute, it was like 10,000 more people showed up, and my tiny little girls couldn't see over the folks who swooped in and stood in front of our blanket!  Finally, at the end, it took 18 times as long to leave there as it had to get there.  HULK SMASH!!!!!  AND No public alcohol drinking!!!!!!!!

Last year, things were a little better.  While I was ranting to a buddy of mine about my disdain for the crowds, he told me that what he does when rent a hotel room at the Courtyard by Mariott right on Lake Union in Seattle.  By booking early and specifying a lakeside room, he could watch the fireworks right from his room.  Bloody Brilliant!  I did the same that year, and it was perfect!  No crowds, the kids were already in their PJ's, as soon as it was done, we turned out the lights and went to bed. 

This being my first year in the Tri-cities, I am not certain where all the displays are done, and if there is a way to work a scam like that.  Adding to the 'blah' on my part is the fact that the 4th is on Monday, and I need to be at work bright and early Tuesday morning.  I'm an old man, AND I need my beauty sleep.  If we fight our way into one of the parks around here to watch fireworks, I won't be in bed before midnight...HULK SMASH!!!!

On the other hand, I really didn't want to do absolutely nothing....if I did that, I knew when Monday night rolled around, I would have regretted a prime opportunity to something/ANYTHING with my family.  That is not exactly following the 'while we live, let us live' philosophy.  Soooo...I booked us a hotel to spend Saturday night in The Dalles, Oregon.

It's not exactly a resort desitination, but it's a decent little town located right on the Columbia River Gorge.  The are several neat looking things to do...we can go see Multnomah Falls, we can go to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center/Wasco County Historical Museum(maybe not as exciting as it sounds, but it is SOMETHING!).  Sunday we will sleep in, and on the way home, swing through the Maryhill Art Museum.

Heck, maybe we'll even lock the kids in the car so SWMBO and I can jump into the Maryhill Winery Tasting Room.

 Either way, we will have a packed Saturday and Sunday, and then a nice relaxing Monday...I might even pick up some steaks and charcoal and try out one of the grills located at the apartment complex. 

Have a nice weekend!

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