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This seemed like such a good idea last night...

Having finished all my 'chores' yesterday, I felt the need to do SOMETHING on Sunday, having had an itch to head up into the hills, figured 'Why not?...and if you are going to head into the hills, why not be motivated enough to catch the sunrise? 

Around these parts, 'coyote hunting' is one of the few valid reasons to be in the woods year round with a rifle, so...I have gone as far as visiting Varmint Al's and downloading some MP3's of howling coyotes and screaming rabbits onto my cheapo Coby MP3 player.  I whipped up a few Peanut Butter sandwiches for breakfast, and laid down at about 9:30, with my alarm set for 2:30.

Ugh.  Well, at least I'm moving...and I might make it in time for the sunrise....as soon as my cup of tea kicks in...

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