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I've been Bayed!

Not sure that anything intelligent is going to show up here tonight...I went and saw Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, and I am stuck in sensory overload.

My amazing wife packed the girls in the car this morning to go pay a visit to the World's Greatest Nana, who is mostly stuck on her couch while she recovers from some recent surgery(she had a complete hysterectomy) . 

The physical side of the recovery seems to be going good...she got to go home after one night in the hospital, and she can walk around the house for short periods of time.  She can't(or shouldn't which is the same thing as far as my LPN wife is concerned.) take her dog for a walk, or stand in front of the stove cooking dinner.  So, SWMBO will provide those services.

Emotionally...I don't know.  I lack those internal parts, but I am certain that even when a woman is at my moms age, and there is no chance of anymore children, there are some emotional issues to work through.  I hope that's where my daughters talents come into play.  When the want to be, they are without a doubt the sweetest, kindest most amazing children in the world.  Daddy made sure to warn them no jumping up and down on Nana's belly.

Anyway...they are staying to help/keep her company for 7-10 days.  To delay having to go home after work to a lack of hugs and kisses,  I decided to see the newest Transformers movie.  This is the longest after a release that I have seen it.

Initial impressions are that it is one heck of an entertaining movie.  If they decide to make a 4th, I'll watch it too.  Megan Fox was both more attractive AND a better actress than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley...but Rosie has that British accent thing going.  It's somewhat moot...while she would finish 2nd to Megan on my list, she is still more than attractive enough to play the role Michael Bay wanted her to play.

Maybe a more in depth review will follow...maybe not.  Either you are the type that likes fast cars that change into robots with Victoria's Secret models draped over them while stuff blows up, or you aren't.  If you are....see this movie.

If not...get over yourself and see this movie anyway...


  1. I hope your mother will be okay. If it helps any, the few women I know who have had the surgery have been glad to have the troublesome thing gone (it seems to usually be the culmination of years if not decades of problems).

  2. My wife says she is doing good. In better news, they sent the removed items out for further testing, and everything came back negative, so, that's good.