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back in the real world...

I had a very fine weekend, and to keep it fine I went out of my way to avoid reading stories like this:

On Independence Day, Minnesota residents united in frustration over shutdown

I really hope that after the next election I remember to look at how things went...if people are really as frustrated as they all say they are in this article, that there isn't a single incumbent politician who should get reelected in Minnesota.

But...they will for two reasons: 

Number one is short attention spans...the voters will see something shiney between now and then and forget about this weekend.

Number two is the simple reason that this is what the voters want!  Maybe not as a whole electorate, but the ones that voted for Republicans WANT the Republicans to dig in over the budget and keeping taxes low, and the ones that voted for a Democratic Governor WANT him to keep providing Nanny State type support.

Congratulations on getting what you want. 

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