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Everything seems to cost me money...

For quite a few weeks now, my youngest daughter has been playing with her two front teeth, but she just couldn't seem to get them to want to fall out.  We've tried eating all manner of food, but nothing seemed to work...even caramel and taffy.  Finally, my wife decided to take matters into her own hands, or rather, her fingers and some gauze so she could get a good grip.  Both teeth came out.

Inflation being a mother, 1st teeth are currently worth $5...youngest child, being WAY to smart for her own good, asked if these both count as first teeth since they came out on the same day. 

I may have been born at night, kiddo, but it wasn't last night...anyway, I'm not sure it should count at all, since the replacement teeth are already just about in place...but, luckily, she is a good kid...and we even have a tradition here where the lost teeth go on the window sill, so the tooth fairy can just hover outside and conduct the transaction, and not need to root around under the pillow of a slightly sleeping children...

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