Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)



Last weekend, a couple was riding home from some friends houses on their Harley-Davidson Road King, when they were in an accident with a truck.  Both of them were severely injured...the driver had to have both legs amputated and his spleen removed, while the passenger had one leg amputated and a broken pelvis. 

Bad motorcycle accidents happen all the time.  It's one of the reasons I am a big coward about motorcycles.  Occasionally though, like in this situation, the poor people on the bike are just victims, in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Sometimes, I'm a blood thirsty kind of guy...and stories like this make my blood boil.  The guy who was driving the truck that crossed the center line and wiped out this motorcycle, 33-year old Chad Sehnert, was out on bail for a previous DUI/Eluding Police Pursuit charge, from back at the end of JANUARY!  Dude was hopped up on prescription painkillers back then, crossing the center line and speeding, and the police finally had to use a a spike strip to stop him.  What is he still doing out on BAIL, ruining two peoples LIVES six months later!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! 


I'm not perfect.  Once upon a time when I was a young sailor, I got lucky.  I drove home under the influence, and made it without getting caught, or hurting anyone.  When I woke up the next morning, I was terrified, because I remembered NOTHING about the trip home.  I read the newspaper to make sure there were no stories about someone running over a cross-walk full of school kids, and inspected my car to make sure there were no new dents.  It wasn't the first time, but it was the worst time.  It was also the last time.  I had been given a 2nd chance, and took it.  Heck, my 2nd chance didn't even require the legal system to let me know I had a 2nd chance....this guy did, and he suffered an epic fail.  He should not need a 3rd chance, and the taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for one. 

I volunteer to save the taxpayers all expense.  I'll provide the means, the shovel, and the strong back to dig the hole.

Now, I'm gonna go have a nice Friday with my daughters. 

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