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Look, this is my surpirsed face....

Just yesterday, I was one of many people who thought that maybe, with the FAA losing it's ability to collect certain taxes and fees due to funding issues, people might have a window to purchase plane tickets for a 7.5-9% discount. 

It seems one thing we overlooked was the power of human greed.  It seems most airlines, aware that on Friday, people were willing to pay X amount of bottom line price for an airline ticket see no reason not to keep charging folks that X amount of bottom line price...and if that goes into their pockets as an extra 7.5% of profit, well, so be it. 

Most major Airlines, with the notable exceptions of Virgin, Spirit, Frontier and Alaska, have raised prices to capitalize on this opportunity to increase profits without raising the bottom line.  This really shouldn't surprise me...I mean, I know for a fact if the oil industries 'tax breaks' are ever taken away, that those increased costs will get passed along to the consumers...but it did.  Not that I am happy with the idea of an industry passing extra expenses(such as increased tax burden) onto the consumer....but I somewhat EXPECT that...raising prices just to take an extra profit because you have a tiny window in which the unobservant MIGHT not notice?  Seems low class.

I am a capitalist...but occasionally I DO Need to ask how much is enough.  Even with 'High Jet Fuel' prices, United/Continental made 538 MILLION in profit in the 2nd QUARTER!  Over 2 Billion A YEAR PROFIT.  Isn't that enough, Comrade? 


The few airlines who haven't raised their fares are using it as selling points.  Spirit Airlines is claiming other airlines 'Aren't being Generous'.  Virgin is urging folks to 'Avoid Taxes. Take Flight.' 

Wish I had a trip to plan...I would love to be able to show some support to The Good Guys.

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