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Because you will never be told YES if you don't ask....

One of the few chuckle inducing stories to be found on the internet over the weekend was the one about the Marine Corps Sargent, Scott Moore, who posted a video on youtube asking Mila Kunis to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball, November 18th in Greenville, N.C.

Ha, ha, ha...I think someone has seen the Brady Bunch episode where Marsha invites Davy Jones to the prom too many times....

Wait a minute....she said yes!?!?!?!?!?!? 

Kick ass.

For those of you asking yourself...who the hell is Mila Kunis...

 picture 'borrowed' from zimbio

 Mila first gained widespread notice as the very cute, very funny Jackie on the popular 'That 70's Show'.  She was in a movie called 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where she tried to make a guy forget about Kristen Bell(not and easy thing to do), before hitting it big.  In 2010, she starred opposite Denzel Washington in 'Book of Eli', and then had 2nd billing to Natalie Portman in 'The Black Swan'.  There is little shame being 2nd billed to Natalie Portman.  Finally, some people with crude senses of humor would recognize Mila's voice talents...she plays Meg Griffin on The Family Guy.

Based on her high aesthetic appeal and sense of humor, Mila would probably be somewhere 18 and 25 on my list...if I was the type of guy to engage in something as arbitrary as ranking women.  Forsooth, she is indeed comely. 

Assuming she follows through on this, and attends the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Moore, the 'What a cool thing to do for a soldier' points will very likely catapult her to a top 5 ranking, with the likes of SWMBO, Christina Hendriks and Miranda Lambert.  If she doesn't follow through(even though Justin Timberlake put her up to it)....well, there's a special circle of Hell for that.  I will never admire another picture of her without thinking she is a bad, bad hot girl.  

Can't believe I didn't even try to ask Reba McEntire to my prom...


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