Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Frugalilty is not always the best route...

This evening, my wife is heading out to one of our friends houses for a 'Silver and Gold' Party...you all get together with all the old scrap jewelry you never wear anymore, and they pay you a fraction of what it might be worth, if it is worth anything.  SWMBO went with a few thin necklaces that aren't a flattering length on her, a few 'don't know what happened to the other earring' pieces, and my old high school class ring.  I almost feel like I should send any cash made off that to my parents...it's 14k gold, and quite heavy...with the way gold prices have gone up since the 20th century, it might have some value.  I thought about having her bring one my 10oz Silver Lunar's, or a 1/4oz Maple Leaf just to see what kind of reaction she got, but I didn't want it to seem like she was putting on airs...

While it was hinted that it was okay to come as a families, I decided that after spending 8 nights at my moms with the girls, she deserved a few hours alone.  I stayed home with the girls, and for a simple dinner threw a few brats in some Full Sail Session Lager, and some curly fries in the oven.  Previously, while at Win-Co, I decided to save a bit of cash by picking up Hy-Top Hot Dog buns, which are Win-Co's store brand. 

What a mistake.  They fell apart faster than any of Obama's plans to extend the debt ceiling.

Saving money on those buns was just like saving money by buying single-ply toilet paper...I might have saved a buck or two, but I got poop all over my hands.  Lesson learned...no need to learn it a 2nd time...

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