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Oh Noes! An electrical safety discussion with the kids...

In an attempt to approach this upcoming week with the proper mental attitude, I actually decided to break out the ironing board.  Historically, my upper garment of choice at work has been polo shirts, but the last few weeks, I have found myself wearing more short-sleeve button up shirts, mostly of the increasingly popular 'Hawaiian' style. While military creases are not needed, I also prefer my shirts not look like I keep them in a tennis ball can for easy storage. 

As I'm standing at the sink, putting water into the iron, my younger daughter lets out the kind of shriek which causes your heart to go up into your throat:

'No Daddy!  Water and electricity together kill people!'

Well...after assessing that there was no direct threat to anyone's health, I attempted to explain to my daughter that yes...putting electronic items into water was bad...but some items, like the iron, and her mom's electric water kettle were meant to have water in them.

I'm not sure I convinced her, but she agreed to go upstairs so that she would be safe.  At least I don't need to worry about her burning down the house...

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