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Lost a step...or 5...

Once upon a time, back in boot camp, I could start with folded sheets and 5 minutes later have a set of bunk beds made up inspection ready in 5 minutes, hospital corners and all. 

Fast forwarding to the here and now, one of the few actual chores that SWMBO left me with before going to visit with The Worlds Greatest Nana was stripping, washing and remaking the beds.  I figured I would get them stripped and washed last night, and remake them today, so that I have Sunday free to goof off.  What an ass-kicking...

The bunk beds our daughters sleep in are worlds different from what I had at boot camp...nice wooden rails to keep little one from falling out, and pushed against the wall to maximize floor space.  Rather than five minutes, it just took me the better part of an hour to get those bunk beds remade...and there ain't no hospital corners...just tuck whatever is left over against the wall and tug the sheets flat around. 

Heck, just getting the stuffed animals rearranged took me over the 5 minute limit...

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