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Science Lesson.

My older daughter enjoys making animals with her tinker toys.  She just came down stairs with this one:

I was very impressed, and told her that I thought that she had made an amazing bird.  
Big mistake.

'Daddy...it's not a bird, it an Archaeopteryx.  As you can tell compared to a seagull, it has a long, bony tail, and the jaw is long and has teeth...it's not a standard beak...and the wings were only strong enough for it to jump from tree to tree.'

Certainly, any person other than I would have been able to see the teeth in the jaw... 

That is only the beginning of the 5 minute lecture I received.  She is an amazing child, and WAY more into dinosaur's and reptiles, and most forms of pre-historic animals than I ever was.  Unlike my parents, who in there defense were 'tolerant' of my interest in dinosaur's, SWMBO and I have decided to let Bella DROWN in dinosaur's if that is her desire.  As long as she continues to learn other things, who are we to not let her indulge her interest. 

If it reaches the point where someday she figures out that being a paleontologist really means spending a lot of time digging in the dirt and eating ramen noodles, than so be it.  She is a pretty big ramen noodle fan anyways....

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