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Et tu'?

Focusing on anything other than politics and the Real World, one of my favorite current music groups is The Band Perry two brothers and sister.  I heard their first single, 'Hip to my Heart', and being a relic of the 80's and 90's, tracked down the CD and bought it off the strength of that one song rather than this new age 'downloading' thing.

I was very impressed with the whole CD...I wanna say that there were only about two songs that didn't blow me away, and even those two were pretty okay.  Since that time they have released two other songs, 'If I Die Young', which reached number 1 on the country charts, and 'You Lie' which peaked at number 2.  Not too shabby.

'If I Die Young' is an amazing song...it shows off the brothers musical talent, Kimberly's amazing voice, and her song writing.  She wrote the song herself, and...well, if you haven't heard it:

Sigh.  I don't think there is any need to present anymore evidence of how good this group is.  They are going to be huge.

Fast forward to today.  I'm flipping through the radio stations, and I hear 'If I Die Young'...but it doesn't sound right.  It take me a minute to figure out that I am on one of the pop stations, and I was listening to a 'Remix' of my much beloved song. 

I don't like remix's...adding a guitar and drum line to expand it's appeal in an effort to make more money.  I mean, I can understand 'striking while the iron's hot' and 'taking all the market can bear'...but, that's for folks like Taylor Swift...these folks are good!!!!!!  They shouldn't need to resort to a gimmick like 'remixing' a song.  Especially not a song as good as this one! 

As far as remix's go, this one is not horrible...they removed the banjo and fiddle and replaced it with guitar, but at least it sounds acoustic, and the drums are somewhat subtle...but darn it, it's not as good as the original version. It lacks complexity and finish(sounds like I've been doing too much wine tasting).

Band Perry....you don't NEED TO DO THIS!!!!

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