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You make a fair point.

As we harvested our 32nd and 33rd zucchini off our plants yesterday, my wife asked my what would appear to be a really good question:

'With the way that zucchini grow, how are there starving people in the world?  I mean, you aren't even that good of a farmer, and we are getting lots of zucchini out of a 3' X 6' space.'

Now, did she really need to add in the second part, even if it is true...no.  Plus, I'm sure she said it in a sweeter manner than I typed it, and used the term 'we' and not 'you'.  It's a valid point though.  I put two zucchini plants in two mounds, and three in the other, so my production isn't even at it's maximum as the plants fight for space.  This also isn't counting the 4 or 5 baby zucchini that I have had to toss because ant's got into a little knick on them. 

I mean, if everyone could just grow some nutmeg and cinammon, we could feed all the worlds hungry with zucchini bread!

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