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I don't have a problem!!!

At least, I don't think I do.  I just can't resist a deal on something that is useful AND has an unlimited shelf life.

Case in point...Safeway is changing the size of their 'ethnic foods' area, meaning a lot of stuff is on sale.  Now, while Gefilte fish might be a shelf-stable form of protein, that not what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about Shabbos Candles on sale 50% off...again!!!!

Do I really need more candles?  Probably not...but you tell me when candles are going to go bad? 

Oh that's right...NEVER. 

This time around, instead of 72 candles in a $6 box, they are smaller 12 packs for 50% of $1.70(85 cents) which comes out to slightly more than 7 cents a candle.  That's a really, really REALLY good price compared to some boxes of 'survival candles' you can find at the store.  Even if those sterno candles do burn twice as long, I can burn like 18 of the Shabbos Candles for the price of 1 sterno candle. 

Heck...I might even have enough candles now to reenact one of those romantic bedroom scenes from a Hollywood movie where there are like 150 candles going in a bedroom. 

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