Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Oh, crap.

Breaking news on all the major news channels about a shooting that occurred overnight at a premier of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado...and not just any shooting...a 'Mass Shooting.'  Early reports are 12-14 dead, with upwards of 50 wounded.  Witnesses are saying he burst in through the emergency exit door wearing a bullet proof jacket and riot helmet, set off a smoke grenade, and started mowing folks down.

Witnesses report nothing but chaos. A guy they were just interviewing on HLN was saying you couldn't tell what was going on, and I can only imagine.  Dark movie theater, with plenty of noise and explosions...some folks thought the increased noise and smoke were part of  a movie theater promotion.

I hate it....and it makes me sad.  I mean, now Fox has updated things to 15 dead.  Heck...with my wife and kids out of town this weekend, I flirted with the idea of catching a midnight showing of this movie, but I got tired, so I went to bed.  Granted, this didn't happen in Kennewick...but it COULD.  It could happen anywhere.  It's a consequence of living in what is still a fairly open society.

And so now, in addition to being sad because there are HUNDREDS of lives between the dead, wounded, and family members who have been irreparably damaged, I am also going to have deal with various renewed attacks on a facet of my life style, as an evil gun owner. 

With them taking the guy alive(well, the suspected shooter...although when the cops catch you with smoking guns and a bullet proof vest, I'm not sure why I'm saying 'suspected'), I wonder whether the end game will be more or less frustrating.  What I'm saying is...at least suicide by cop ends up with the shooter DEAD.  With him being taken alive, I wouldn't be willing to take anything less than 10-1 odds that he will face final justice.  Hell...I think it's a coin toss about whether or not he will even be found sane and serve ANY jail time.

Sorry....fairly disjointed here...I'm sure others will say it better and clearer than me. 

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